Day 15: A Green Day in the Amsterdamse Bos

August 21, 2017

I’m going to make this post super short and mostly pictures. On Monday we left the city and biked around the Amsterdamse Bos. An urban forest just south of the city it is in some ways like Forest Park combined with Washington Park and Hayden Meadows as it has lots of hiking trails and cycling paths but also a huge man made lake for crew races and other sports fields, a couple restaurants (one with goats and other animals) and even a spa.

This amphitheater of perfectly spaced trees was completely empty when we were there, even on this beautiful sunny day. Photo by Amy Jo Wiseheart.

I haven’t been recording (on Ride with GPS and perhaps that’s a mistake, oh well) any of my rides have have taken within cities although I definitely used by bike to get around Ghent, Antwerp, Gouda, and now Amsterdam too. In fact I haven’t taken a single tram yet though they are plentiful. But this day was sort of halfway between a biking day and a city day so I did record it in 2 parts and you can find my RWGPS links in the sidebar here. It’d be nice to embed each Ride with each blog post but they are pretty easy to match up. Also I’ve never even done it with RWGPS though I would guess you can since you can with Strava. Anyway, I might do this later but, truly, blogging from my phone using the WordPress app has been quite a nightmare. Some days I’ve fought with it more than others but I foresee a fair amount of cleanup when I do some day get back to a real computer. Still they look pretty good for on the road posts no?

I digress. Back to the pictures.

Crew team starting line.

Amy petting a goat in the farm portion of the park.

This baby fell asleep with his chin resting snugly in the chain. We couldn’t stop laughing.

Ponyboy in front of an algae covered canal with a cadre of hungry swans behind. Wish we could have gotten closer. They were all so beautiful eating their way through the water leaving a clear path behind them.

Up close and personal with a black and white beauty.

Perfect canopy of trees of our bike path.

On our ride home we saw this statue of a lady peeing. Just streaming out her jeans. I think maybe it was a water reclamation plant or something?

Amy cracked herself up by taking this picture of a house not realizing that the owner was standing right there. I’ve been wanting to show a pic of a typical dwelling here though so this shot works well for that.

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