Days 18 – 22: Reunited And It Feels So Good

August 24 – 28, 2017

I missed her!

Truth be told Vanessa didn’t get there until Saturday (August 26th, day 20) but those 2 days before she arrived were mostly for rest and catching up on writing blog posts!

I did explore part of the city on the north side of the Amstel river, taking my bike on the free and ubiquitous ferries that cross to North Amsterdam. I saw the Eye Film Museum (though I did not go in), a crazy tower with giant swing, and urban “beach” and some really cool art. I crossed back and had a pancake (finally!) and took some pictures at MediaMatic, an interesting art space and restaurant that had been suggested to me.

They do yarn art in Amsterdam too. It wasn’t the only similarity with Portland to be honest.

EYE Film Museum


Gay art at MediaMatic!

But mostly I just want this to be another post heavy in pictures of my reunification with my seeet sweet babe who I had been missing something fierce in the last 3 weeks.

Amy and Vanessa at the Homomonument.

We mostly did just dumb but fun tourist stuff like visit the Homomonument (we couldn’t get tickets to the Anne Frank house, not sure if that is good or bad), took pictures at the I Amsterdam sign, went to a Banksy and Dali museum and went on a canal tour with a company called KinBoat.

Dali made a couch of Mae West’s lips. The museum tried to paint him as a masochist for allowing his wife to have affairs but I just think he was hella gay.

Hard to choose my fav Banksy piece. If you also want to see the one that mimics a holy scene in a stained glass window comment below and I will post that one as well.

The latter was great and we were in a smaller, open air boat, which I much preferred to those giant glass enclosed ones. The tour guide was a pretty buff looking blonde dude named Alex who I expected not to be as cool as he was. But he was funny in addition to being super knowledgeable about the city, even if us 3 Americans were the only ones laughing. But who wouldn’t laugh when we are told that wealthy people are called the stinking rich because they could afford to be buried in the church and therefore everyone had to smell their rotting bodies??? Comedy gold.

On the canal tour. Photo by Amy Jo Wiseheart.

This is what you get when you order a “pint” of Heineken.

Saw a lot of old buildings but this one near the Vondelpark looked a little worse for wear. Truly it looked worse in person.

Amy and Vanessa having a grand old time on the canal boat.

Vanessa in giant orange wooden shoes might be the most tourist picture I have ever taken.

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