My Top 15 Strava Ride Titles

Feeling smug on the final day of my Oregon Coast bike trip ya know like ya do…god get over yourself…

I didn’t do any year-end lists, or best of 2018, and really what good came of 2018 anyway? JK, I def had some fun times last year as hard as it was. Like starting to really write again, yay! But sorry, this post won’t really be that. What it will be is something akin to those journalistic holiday fillers that nobody really reads but are actually pretty damn fun to write and I kinda miss a lot. Except these ridiculous top 10 Strava ride titles aren’t necessarily all from this year, because truthfully, I have not been on my bike nearly enough, but they are entertaining to look back on. Well, at least for me.

Anyway, in this bit of totally unnecessary fluff I give you this very important countdown of my the best names for rides I’ve taken across the globe and at home. I started doing it for fun and it became a cult hit with no less than 2-3 fans (friends, I mean, maybe friends). It’s my best and most hidden social media content.

15. Pannie droppers crew bust it out to Battleground Lake

I took a crew of first-timers bike camping and it was even fun the first 22 miles. At least we came up with this great crew name.

14. Wired, clippy, bucolic

I think I was testing a bunch of new things like clipless pedals and my new dynamo hub.

13. Perfect day imperfect ass

I have no idea what this was about.

12. Out of Paris and into the WILD AKA accidental single-tracking in rural France aka a real test of wills

I got lost constantly and biked 60 miles but I was only 30 miles away from where I started in Paris…Have you ever tried to bike in sand inside a forest? No? Why, it’s delightful…

11. France is trying to kill me

I mean, it was…

10. Day 3.5: worst (cascade) head ever AKA wtf 8mph was I walking (yes) aka I’ve never known true muscle fatigue before

Ok so this was part of my Oregon coast trip and I was well into my AKA phase wherein I described, like, everything that went wrong and thought I was really funny.

9. Day 2.5: the art of knowing when to shift is truly a skill and I am but a young Padawan AKA I may not have biked it but I still climbed it

I really thought I was funny y’all.

8. Hot yoga almost period ride

This, the sequel, really blew Hot yoga period ride out of the water.

I think this was Taylor’s favorite.

7. Errands of sadness

I tried to keep biking and living my life even when my gf of 4 years with whom had just been discussing where to get sperm broke up with me. I wouldn’t call it successful.

6. The Sound and the Sequim, a Ramblin’ Tale

I biked the Olympic Penninsula and thought I was clever. What’s new.

5. Broke neck mountain

Something was wrong with my neck this day. IDK.

4. Love is a Battleground Lake

This bike camping trip was awesome except for my meth neighbors.

3. Dikes and getting lost in Gouda – it’s not a metaphor

It wasn’t.

2. Alley’s first ride up the butte!

A ride Autumn and I did together this one is technically her title but it was the best ever and also true. I like to think I inspired her though, as she once commented on one of my Strava ride titles above, “Will you write copy for my life?” so I think I can take partial credit for this one.

1. Work then Hump, literal not a motto

But it’s not a bad one to live by to be honest…

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