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About Alley Hector

This is just a place for this queer to put stories about adventuring near and far from her home in Portland, OR, USA. Through the inspiration of a host of amazing local queer bloggers (who happen to also be my loved ones and who are linked to throughout this site) I decided I need a space that could be personal, random, and less polished than other places I have written (Autostraddle, Nylon, Daily Dot, qPDX, Just Out, AfterEllenetc). But I also wanted it to be a bit travel focused, even more specifically bicycle travel. It can seem really intimidating and I want to help break down those barriers so that they, too, can experience the freedom and fun of what can also be a very accessible and affordable means of travel.

That said, expect a lot of Alley Hector nerdery and opinion be it bicycle based or not.

If you haven’t gleaned enough about me so far, I am a fun-loving, bike riding, indoor kid turned outdoors enthusiast, web developer, writer, geek who has lived in Portland since the dawn of (queer?) time. This is evidenced by the archives of my previous project qPDX, which go as far back as 2005. The joke of being the Gay Mayor of Portland has been leveled at me and I embrace it. So here’s a key to the city while I roam around the rest of the earth.

You can dig even further into my personal life by finding me on Twitter and Instagram. But if you want to see the work I do, which includes more writing, web design, software engineering and content curation check out my brand new (as of Spring 2020) personal portfolio website

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