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Love (Travel) in the Time of Corona(virus)

During a pandemic wherein no one is traveling and we’re all terrified to move around, transmitting and catching a virus running rampant may seem like a strange time to pick up on a much-neglected travel blog. But, in a way, it’s also the perfect time. Have I taken international trips since my last post? Long bike rides and hikes? You bet I have. And, believe me, I’m missing them so much. But there are local trips you can still take during the coronavirus outbreak.

But riding and walking are actually some of the things we’ve still been able to do during Oregon state’s stay-at-home order has begun, although we are supposed to stay close. What that means is a little arbitrary and because nothing is risk-free it can be tough to determine exactly what is “ok” for me and my community. But being able to be in nature at least somewhat is keeping me, and a lot of us, sane. And that’s not insignificant.

So in lieu of actually bike touring I would like to tell you about some of the smaller local rides, hikes, and “trips” I’ve been going on. We’re very lucky in Portland so have so much nature so nearby. Tomorrow I’ll be posting about what the Rose Festival has for us this week since its usual events, like the Grand Floral Parade, can’t happen this year.

Touring bike leaning against a wall of art and graffiti.
My lonely little Space Horse road bike at the Vernonia Mill, a local trip easily accessible by the Banks-Vernonia trail.

Next week I plan to showcase some local bike rides I have been going on and would recommend. After that I want to let you in on a little secret local flavor that can feel like going on a mini-trip even though you’re still technically within Portland city limits. If you follow my Instagram you may already know the place but I’ve gotten enough friends asking about it I figured it was worth posting about more widely. Plus, as things begin to slowly open I can take you on some camping trips or offer tips if you’d feel safer away from people in the backcountry. You know I have my water filter ready.

Additionally, I may also take this opportunity to look back into the past over the past year and a half of trips I’ve taken since I last blogged, which do include some fun biking on the Baltic coast in Germany. So stay tuned. Because I would love this to be an ongoing resource during the pandemic and after and not to let this be a one-off.

In that vein if there’s anything you want to hear about let me know. Do you have questions about traveling as a queer person via bike or foot or in certain places? An article I wrote a couple of years ago about an app that profiles safety statistics for LGBTQ travelers is still relevant. Do you want recommendations on bike clothing for plus-sized riders? Should I post recipes of things I’m finally trying at home based on dishes I’ve sampled around the globe? Let me know and I’ll share what I can.

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